Ron Bashian, M.D.

"Every journey is different, every person unique"

Twelve years ago, leukemia forced me to leave my pediatric practice, encounter my mortality, and seek both present and future meaning in my life. It was not a time to give up.

ADHD and Executive Functions Coach Ron Bashian, M.D. Reconstructing myself challenged me personally, psychologically, spiritually, and professionally. And it gave me the opportunity to find my best resources, discover my best strengths, and identify my most cherished values. Subsequent teaching at university, medical school, and with high risk inner city youth, deepened my desire to help others, to give back. Roots of empathy, creativity, and love of learning further developed.

My experiences as a physician with communication skills, resilience, study, and self-discipline are now applied to ADHD and Executive Function Coaching.

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