This web site isn’t about telling anyone what to do. It’s about sharing information and activities related to ADHD. For free.

My outreach is primarily to students and anyone affected by ADHD in any way.

I’m an M.D., ADHD coach, speaker, writer, and former university instructor with years of experience with ADHD. Also, I’m the father of two children, now adults, with ADHD. My current work is exclusively in ADHD and Executive Functions.

Advice on ADHD is my summer outreach activity, intended to be uplifting and to build up; intending to encourage, bring about discovery, enhance self-esteem; and intending to provide new information and perspectives. Its focus is on ADHD and Executive Functions.

Its five sections are

  • Meet Coach Ron – My professional story, personal background, discovery of my deepest values, and their application..
  • Ask the Doc – I’ve acquired lots of knowledge over my professional years, but still have much to learn. An hour, Wednesday, from 8-9 PM, gives you the chance to ask your questions. I’ll either have the answer or….find it for you. And, I’ll learn from what you have experienced.
  • Interactive Webinar Series – Provided for four pre-registered participants, over four weeks. It will facilitate discussion on major topics related to ADHD and executive functions. These include downloadable personal resources and documents, and a PowerPoint presentation given at a local university.
  • Thinking – Regular reviews of topics and articles related to ADHD and executive functions, including social psychology and positive psychology. The current essay is entitled What made you think that?
  • News – Articles from reliable sources, describing new discoveries and insights about ADHD. This month’s title is My genes made me do it.

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